a) First,a highly personalized advice on the care and communication with the client, answering their requirements, but also anticipating their needs. The motivation of the lawyer did not understand it to achieve a good commercial relationship with the client or as a sum of hours to be billed, we argue that ours is a direct and close work with the customer to attaining its purposes and we contribute to us society with our intellect, helping to create jobs, new businesses, wealth and the building of lasting works over time.

b) Second,a highly specialized advice in the legal field, in the business of our customers. Our lawyers do not accept cases on matters not exercise professionally or who are unskilled, as Andreucci & Torrejon Association has chosen to focus its activities to advising on real estate and urban law; in business, labor issues and business taxation; the electricity law; and litigation in the above three areas specialization that will be of direct benefit to customers engaged in the above activities.

c) Third, an exercise of the legal profession always framed in a performance highly attached to ethics, by not acting as such and this attorney to their partners and colleagues is discredited and the client who hires, since a bad reputed lawyer is the worst presentation for a client.