Andreucci & Torrejon Lawyers in 2008 were meant to be positioned in Chile 2015, as the firm's most important lawyers in real estate and urban development and achieve both a high professional level in the areas of counseling in Business, labor and corporate taxation law, as well as in the electricity law and litigation in the areas listed above. To achieve our goal, the partners and associates of our law firm, are constantly pursuing post-graduate studies, investigating and publishing their work, teaching university teaching and practicing in the areas of specialization; all of which has led us to participate in major projects and businesses, national and international in the areas to which they dedicated Andreucci & Torrejon Lawyers. Andreucci & Torrejon Lawyers, in its strategic design has referred, once achieved the goal of "Plan 2015", keep a firm structure not exceeding twenty professionals

(Intermediate structure) by no more than 3 heads lawyers areas, which allow each lawyer has no more than two corporate charge customers at the same time, in order that the hallmark of our firm, it is always the a highly personalized and highly specialized legal advice, all of the above under the direct intervention of the partner lawyers in the day of our law firm based in legal issues, which will be to the benefit of each of our customers precisely the be certain that their issues are being analyzed provided by lawyers with extensive experience. Our "Plan 2020" suggests that our law firm be located in a place of importance among law firms in Latin America, in the area of ​​real estate and planning advice as well as advice on investment in foreign operations (design tax and corporate).